• Pioneering new standards, the urban regeneration project will make ATP one of Australia’s leading smart neighbourhoods.

    The activation of ATP will make it a popular destination, not just for workers, but for the wider community.

    From al fresco diners and pop-up events to other proposed amenities, which include a gym and supermarket, the streets and laneways will buzz with activity, attracting visitors from across town and catering to the needs of today’s modern flexible workforce.

    Mirvac is proposing to regenerate the precinct and make it more accessible and inviting to the wider Redfern and Eveleigh communities through significant improvements to the site’s accessibility public domain and amenities.

    INNOVATION PLAZA – as the public entry to ATP, Innovation Plaza will be an everyday breakout space with outdoor seating and a large sunny centre, ideal for lunches or outdoor events.

    LOCOMOTIVE STREET - the front door to the Locomotive Workshop and CBA building with street trees, lighting, seating with access to Wi-Fi and bicycle parking. The revitalised, pedestrian friendly streetscape also provides new opportunities for integrated heritage interpretation.

    VILLAGE SQUARE – upper and lower plazas with outdoor seating will provide a green heart for outdoor events and create a village centre for Eveleigh/Redfern.

    CENTRAL AVENUE – will become Eveleigh’s new High Street, which will be buzzing with retail activity - a possible supermarket, cafes and restaurants will activate the night time economy during weekdays and weekends.

    DAVY ROAD AND HENDERSON ROAD – this is the main vehicle entry to the site. The road width will be reduced to increase pedestrian amenity. A direct bicycle connection from Henderson Road extends along a vehicle and cycleway, providing a direct connection for cyclists to the community building, and CBA buildings 1 and 2.

    EVELEIGH GREEN AND SPORTS COURTS – the sports precinct of the site, accessible to all tenants and the wider community. It will provide opportunities for fitness and recreation, activating the precinct throughout the week. The existing character of Eveleigh Green will be retained and enhanced with existing trees, improving views across the park and picnic furniture will be upgraded to provide high quality amenity.