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    Public Domain Upgrades

    The public domain upgrades will be staged over the coming years with the first stage commencing later this month. The map shows the changes associated with Stage 1, which focusses on the Entry Garden, Innovation Plaza and Vice Chancellor’s Oval. Hoarding will be installed from the 22nd September to facilitate the public domain works and access through the site will be affected, until June 2018.

    The main areas that will be impacted in Stage 1 include:

    • Entry Garden – the main stairs will be closed off during the works. If you are entering the site from Redfern Station, please use the footpath on Cornwallis Street to enter the site.
    • Innovation Plaza – will be closed for through traffic, including pedestrians. The entrance to Cicada Innovations will remain open and you can access it from Locomotive Street.
    • Locomotive Workshop – no entrance from Innovation Plaza during these works. The building will be accessed via Bay 8 on Locomotive Street. 
    • Vice Chancellor’s Oval – half of the oval will be closed for the first stage of works. Access will be maintained to the other side of the oval and the BBQ’s will be relocated.
    • Motor bike parking will be relocated from outside the National Innovation Centre building to the allocated area on the corner of Locomotive Street and Innovation Plaza.
    • Bicycle parking will be relocated to the allocated area at the top of Mitchell Way.

    The public domain improvements that will be delivered at ATP include the following highlights.

    • Entry Garden 
    - New tiling, handrails on the entry stairs and lighting;
    - Disabled access including lift; and
    - New retaining wall and planting.

    • Innovation Plaza:
    - New furniture, including some with power outlets to facilitate outdoor working;
    - Upgrade to existing outdoor lighting network;
    - Landscaping and pavement upgrades; 
    - Wi-Fi; and
    - Table tennis tables.

    • Vice Chancellors Oval:
    - New seating;
    - Lighting upgrades to pathways;
    - New BBQ facilities; and
    - New pathway around the oval.

    Locomotive Workshop Redevelopment

    The adaptive reuse and repurpose of the Locomotive Workshop building represents an important step in Mirvac’s wider vision for realising the true potential of ATP and we are excited to be working with our partners and the local community. By celebrating the rich history of the site, fostering a technology and innovation hub, and ensuring the creation of an exceptional place to work and socialise in, the Locomotive Workshop will integrate with and enrich the surrounding community.

    In May 2017, Mirvac requested the Secretary’s Environmental Assessment Requirements (SEARs) from the NSW Department of Planning & Environment for two State Significant Development Applications (SSDAs). The SEARs were issued in June 2017. These set out all the issues and potential impacts that the Environmental Impact Statements (EIS) (that will accompany the SSDAs) are required to address. In addition, the SEARs require effective and genuine community consultation during the preparation of the EIS.

    High level concepts for the adaptive reuse and repurposing of the Locomotive Workshop have been designed and Mirvac is currently exploring detailed options and opportunities to retain the existing Blacksmith, increase the public activation of the building and provide heritage display areas alongside a range of new high quality commercial and artisan retail spaces.

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